Argil Solutions

We offer a range of Consulting Services in the field of information security.


Argil Solutions can be right there at the beginning of your project with Pre-Implementation services performed by knowledgeable, professional and experienced staff for a successful project initialization. We provide insight and advice for making prudent investments in technology to clients so that their technology solutions meet the demands of their customers. Our staff utilizes industry "best practices" and methodologies in the application of Systems Security Engineering to support the specification, design and architecture of secure complex systems. With a technology solution designed, Argil Solutions Implementation services support the delivery of the solution through the client's deployment process until ready for operations. In the final Post-Implementation phase or as a discrete service for already deployed systems, Argil Solutions can provide support to operations for enhancements, security assessments, certification and other improvement initiatives.

  • Scope Definition and Drill-Down
  • Policy, Regulation and Compliance Analysis
  • Requirements Development and Analysis
  • Architecture and Security Architecture Overlays
  • Design, Development and Integration
  • Proof of Concept Engineering
  • Product/Solution Analysis


  • Deployment
  • Quality Assurance, Staging and Production Technical Services
  • Performance Planning and Testing
  • Solution Specific Training

Post Implementation

  • Solution Enhancements & Upgrades
  • Problem Analysis and Resolution
  • Security
  • Certification and Accreditation Support

Our Services include the following

  • Pre-Implementation
  • Implementation
  • Post-Implementation

Client Testimonials

“superb business acumen and problem solving abilities helping to address problems not only within the identity management project, but other areas such as networking, operating system and other applications”
Sherry Gould
Program Manager, Cox Communications